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Cotela – The Timeless Textile

Cotton has been the backbone of textiles for over 5,000 years and while the window coverings industry now reaches for fiberglass and polyester-based materials, cotton will perpetually service project and market demand for more sustainable and tactile textiles.

The 100% North American cotton base is what makes our model, Cotela, the timeless staple that it is.

A key advantage to Cotela is its ability to be color-matched to just about any color the mind can dream up. Our proprietary coating process allows us to create a fabric that is 100% Natural Cotton, Flame-Retardant, has a truly unique look and light-as-air feel, and comes from a renewable source.

Its versatility and high-end appeal make this fabric the ideal natural textile for both distinguished commercial and hospitality as well as artistic residential applications. Remember, if you do not see the color that you are looking for on our product page or in our sample book, we can make it for you.

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