Our Clients – Storch International, Inc.

Our Clients

With a keen sense of the world markets and products, we customize our customers' solutions based on their specific industry needs. We sell to retail fabricators, wholesale fabricators, and distributors for each of the industry verticals below. Whatever type of business you operate, we have the experience, reach, and products to support you.


Many of our partners have been with us from the start and are, without a doubt, family friends. The care and attention that they receive from our team is just a portion of our comprehensive, 360-degree customer service and support.


Dealer-based residential fabricators are our bread and butter. With a huge collection of fabrics and systems perfectly fit for every imaginable residential application, we are sure to find solutions for you. If it is the price point, color, or decoration, you will find a full array of fabrics to fill any update or complete the most comprehensive collection imaginable.


All around the globe, we have fabrics in windows that hang in major office buildings and commercial spaces such as the American Express headquarters in Mexico, the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Two International Finance Centre on Hong Kong Island, and numerous others in major international hubs all over the globe. We have fabrics specially developed to create an ideal working environment and allow for complete light control to encourage productivity and positivity. Check out the fabrics in the Commercial category!


Hotels, resorts, and restaurants are big business for us. Our customers include leading vendors to the hotel and hospitality industry. From the world’s most popular and well-known fabric specifications to unique designs they can call their own, Storch has the solution for you. We work with specifications sold to Hiltons, Choice Hotel Group, MGM Grand, the world-famous Haunted Hotel del Coronado, Home2, and many others. Check out the Hospitality product category!


Hospitals, schools, and government buildings like DMV’s, military complexes, most recently in Seoul, Korea, and schools are key segments we service. When it comes to identifying functional fabrics for specific institutional applications, like full-blackout or openness factor, matching university colors, high levels of fire retardancy, anti-microbial, or easy cleanability, we have plenty to choose from. Check out the fabrics in our Institutional product category!


We offer many of the most popular fabrics found on many of the largest “.com” and Box Store businesses in the window coverings industry. Our Sunscreens and Vinyl Laminated blackouts are among the most popular. Check out our eCommerce product category for some of our most popular specifications.

Our suppliers

We hand select our suppliers from International Trade Shows & long term relationships. We personally visit our factories to cultivate great business relationships.  Due to our experience, a long-running industry career, Richard’s reach is infinite.

  • We know everyone – all the key suppliers
  • We deeply qualify each supplier by visits and network references, we leverage our network
  • Identify high-tech modern facilities – highest levels of QA
  • The power of our relationships is passed on as value to our customers in the way of highly competitive factory-direct pricing, friendly sampling allowances, favorable payment, and incoterms, unparalleled after-sales support, and a level of confidence not provided by others.
  • With us, you have a team working on your behalf and strongly advocating your case – you are not alone in good times or if there is ever an issue. We are your bridge to the factory, not a roadblock.
  • All of our various suppliers have been hand-selected for their cutting edge practices, deeply qualified both at international Trade Shows and from long term professional connections and relationships cultivated over the decades that we’ve spent in this business. We will always operate as your bridge to the factory to facilitate strong deals and communication. Rest assured that you will have complete access to information and we will never be a roadblock. We are able to leverage our decades-old industry connections and pass their value on to our customers, in the form of highly competitive factory-direct pricing, friendly sampling allowances, favorable payment, and incoterms, unparalleled after-sales support, and a level of confidence not provided by others.

When you partner with us, you gain a team that will tirelessly work on your behalf and strongly advocate your case so that you will never tackle any project alone.


Storch International has been rated an “excellent” supplier by many customers which is why we our working relationships often span decades.

"Travis is great. He understands better what our needs are and is assisting us in getting the products as quickly as possible." - AG in FL