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Raising the Bar and Lowering the Bills Storch Sunscreen

Storch International is always looking for ways to raise the bar for our customers while simultaneously being budget-friendly.

Not only are our Sunscreen fabrics, like Nova Twill, cost-effective, but they will also indirectly save you/your client’s money by blocking harmful UV rays.

The small the openness factor, the higher the UV blockage! That means protecting your furniture, paint, carpet, wood, etc, from sunlight, therefore, giving them a longer life. UV rays also increase the inside temperature which will cause your air conditioner and other appliances to work overtime. Sunscreens effectively block this heat from entering interior spaces and ensure a more regulated temperature which translates to energy savings and efficiencies. They do all of this AND look great while doing it.

See the graphic below to get an idea of how different openness factors will look in your window and be sure to check out our sunscreen product category ‘Our Products’ page and request a quote or sample of our sunscreen collections.


Storch Sunscreen

Introducing Designer Roller and Vertical Fabrics

See the video below for a glimpse at one of the finest fabric collections in the window coverings industry.

With unmatched quality assurance, expert German engineering, gorgeous colors, designs, and options for your highly specified projects, there’s a great chance we have a fabric that will suit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Take a close look at each of our categories and hit the button to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more product videos.

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