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The Storch International Team has 60+ years of combined experience in the window coverings industry, with our president and founder, Richard Storch, being a modern-day industry pioneer. Learn more about each member of our team below!

About Us

Richard Storch - President and Founder

Richard A. Storch is both the President and Founder of Storch International, Inc and has more than 40 years of experience in the window coverings industry. For the past 34 years, Richard has lead the company worldwide. After seeing an opportunity during his corporate years, he set off to be independent and control his own destiny. In doing so, he has seen and successfully entered markets in the far corners of six of the seven continents. Richard remains one of the most respected pioneers, educators, and go-to experts in the Window Covering and Solar Shading Industry.

Richard graduated from “Thunderbird-American Graduate School of International Management” in 1976. He earned his master’s degree from this highly recognized Graduate program. Forbes, The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and US News and World Report at the time Richard graduated, recognized AGSIM as the top International Business School in the world.

Richard lived in Madrid, Spain for 17 years and speaks Spanish fluently.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys spending time with his wife, Priscilla, and beautiful grandchildren. He is also an amateur photographer, a history buff, and is positively addicted to his relentless pursuit of the mighty musky (a fish for those that do not know).

Travis Storch Headshot

Travis Storch - CEO

Travis Storch helps businesses identify, source, manufacture, and procure industry-leading textiles, systems, and components, for the Window Covering and Solar Shading industry. As CEO at Storch International, Inc., he oversees all day-to-day activities, leads business development, sales, and new product development, and participates in marketing, advertising, and platform activities. For Travis, the small-business dynamics, being a respected go-to industry resource, identifying cutting-edge solutions for customers, and being at the forefront of the world-wide industry is both the most rewarding and challenging part of the role. In his spare time, Travis enjoys spending time with his extended family, travel and culinary adventures, live music, fishing for muskies, snowmobiling, playing guitar and recording music, and generally trying to enjoy the short ride.

Betty Salazar - Logistics and Customer Service

A valued member of the team, Betty has managed Logistics and Customer Service at Storch International for 12+ years. Betty has a B.A. degree in English Literature and Language which she has wielded in her many roles, including Inside Sales, Logistics, and Customer Service positions. She currently works from the Storch International, Inc. office in Mexico City, where she now resides with her four beautiful daughters. Born and raised in Mexico, Betty also lived in the U.S. for 7 years until 2012, when she returned to Mexico to be closer to her family. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and speaks French. In her spare time, Betty loves spending time with her daughters and her two cats, enjoys practicing meditation, reading, and listening to music.

Melissa Santos Bernardez Rosin - Logistics and Customer Service

An expert in Logistics and Customer Service, Melissa joined the Storch International, Inc team in 2020, where she is successfully working to navigate the complexity of the business. She was born and raised in Brazil, where she earned her B.A. Degree in Business Management from PUC (Brazil) and her Postgraduate degree in International Business by FGV (Brazil). She speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and basic Mandarin. Beyond Brazil and the USA, Melissa also lived in China for three years. Her career was always focused on International Business and Logistics, working with different cultures and countries. In her spare time, she loves to bike around and travel with her two sons and husband to explore Wisconsin.

Mary Pierce - Sales and Marketing

Mary is a young and motivated professional who got her start in International Marketing and Sales with Storch International, Inc. in July of 2019. Born and raised in Southern Wisconsin, she also attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated with a B.A. in Spanish and Environmental Studies. Mary is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, which she used while living and studying abroad in Spain. She has an extensive work history in positions associated with non-profit environmental protection as well as language translation. In her free time, Mary enjoys a passion for travel, amateur photography, and thrift shopping while sharing life adventures with her partner, Jake, and their beloved cats, Babs and Grizzy.

Awards and Recognitions

Storch International, and its founder, Richard Storch, have been recognized on both the state and federal levels for outstanding achievements in the window coverings industry. Take a closer look at our history below.


Federal Govt. recognition with “E” Excellence in Exporting award was granted while Richard worked as the International Operations Manager at Springs Industries.

Export Achievement Award

The Export Achievement Award was presented to Storch International in 1999 by South Central Wisconsin World Trade Association.


Awarded in 2000, Richard was again recognized for his outstanding accomplishments and exports of window covering fabrics and components to countries all over the globe. This prestigious award was presented by the SBA – Small Business Association.


In 2006, Richard was featured on the cover of Draperies & Window Coverings Magazine and was dubbed our industries, “Man in China”. Richard’s exports to China were so successful, he opened and ran an office in Hong Kong for over 10 years.

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“You don’t have to be big, just well prepared and wise” were the words that described Richard in Thunderbird Magazine 20 years ago and they are still relevant to this day.


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