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HSL Semi opaque Series

This model provides some light control, privacy, and can even assist in insulating your home while filtering natural light. HSL Semi-Opaque is part of one of the most high-quality cellular fabric product lines on the global window coverings market. With this collection, we can almost guarantee that we have the fabric you are looking for. If not, we can make it for you. Whether it be semi-opaque, double, or even triple cell, blackout, FR, sheer, printed, etc, we have what you need.


  • Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
  • Anti-Bacterial Anti-Bacterial
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The HSL Semi-Opaque series is your go-to-cellular shade. With an incredibly wide range of colors, and the option to do a custom color run, we can absolutely find you the window covering of your dreams. The HSL Series is a colored front with a white back which is a specification desired around the globe and is one of our best sellers. This model is available in many colors and able to be customized. So if you are looking for a certain color or have a color in mind be sure to reach out to us to get a quote and a sample!

  • FR
  • Available in many colors
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Color front with white back
  • 100% PES
  • Semi-Opaque


Product Specifications

Fire Certification


Fabric Composition

100% PES


4 Grade



Available Widths

300 CM



Breaking Strength

Weft - wise,102dan±5%


170g /㎡±15g

Cell Size

Single Cell: 25mm, 38mm 45mm
Double Cell: 38mm, 45mm
Triple Cell: 45mm

Country of Origin CO


Usable for (roller, pleated, etc)