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Freight Have You Frustrated? Let Us Take It From Here

No doubt that the entirety of the Window Coverings Industry is reeling from the exponentially increasing cost of freight, ever-extending sailing schedules, and delays at port. Here at Storch International, our logistics dept has noted transport cost [between similar shipments of the same origin] increases as high as 100% over the past six months. With no end in sight to the chaos, Storch International has restrategized to ease the burden of logistics on our customers.

Our logistics team works hard every day to get you the most competitive rate from one of our many trusted forwarders, ensure expedient sailing schedules, and do all we can to avoid delays and get your goods delivered ASAP. All you have to do is wait for your goods to arrive while we will facilitate and continue to update you throughout the entire process. 

In 2021, we've gone one step further to accommodate our customers. We are now offering a subset of the industry's most popular commercial and hospitality fabrics from our US warehouse. Now it is easier than ever to take advantage of our wide product offering and aggressive pricing while also eliminating your need to bring goods in from overseas because we've already taken care of that for you! Just search our 'In Stock In The USA' product category (Elements I pictured) and get more information today.